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Common questions and answers

Testing your code

Q: How to obtain a valid token to manually invoke the route (e.g., via POSTMAN)?

Answer: By default, Practica routes are guarded from unauthorized requests. The automated testing already embed valid tokens. Should you wish to invoke the routes manually a token must be signed.

Option 1 - Visit an online JWT token signing tool like jwt builder, change the key (bottom part of the form) to the key that is specified under ./services/order-service/config.ts/jwtTokenSecret/default. If you never changed it, the default secret is: just-a-default-secret. Click the submit button and copy the generated token.

Given the signed token, add a new header to your request with the name 'Authorization' and the value 'Bearer {put here the token}'

Option 2 - We already generated this token for you 👇, it should work with the default configuration in a development environment. Obviously, before going to production - the JWT secret must be changed: