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Run Practica.js from the Command Line

Run practica CLI and generate our default app (you can customize it using different flags):

npx @practica/create-node-app immediate --install-dependencies

✨ And you're done! That's it. The code's all been generated.

We also have a CLI interactive mode:

npx @practica/create-node-app interactive

Note that for now, it can generate an app that is based on Express and PostgreSQL only. Other options will get added soon

Start the Project

cd {your chosen folder name}
npm install

Then choose whether to start the app:

npm run

or run the tests:

npm test

Pretty straight forward, right?

You just got a Node.js Monorepo solution with one example component/Microservice and multiple libraries. Based on this hardened solution you can build a robust application. The example component/Microservice is located under: {your chosen folder name}/services/order-service. This is where you'll find the API and a good spot to start your journey from.

Next Steps