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Practica.js v0.0.1 is alive

· 2 min read
Yoni Goldberg

🥳 We're thrilled to launch the very first version of Practica.js.

What is Practica is one paragraph

Although Node.js has great frameworks 💚, they were never meant to be production ready immediately. Practica.js aims to bridge the gap. Based on your preferred framework, we generate some example code that demonstrates a full workflow, from API to DB, that is packed with good practices. For example, we include a hardened dockerfile, N-Tier folder structure, great testing templates, and more. This saves a great deal of time and can prevent painful mistakes. All decisions made are neatly and thoughtfully documented. We strive to keep things as simple and standard as possible and base our work off the popular guide: Node.js Best Practices.

Your developer experience would look as follows: Generate our starter using the CLI and get an example Node.js solution. This solution is a typical Monorepo setup with an example Microservice and libraries. All is based on super-popular libraries that we merely stitch together. It also constitutes tons of optimization - linters, libraries, Monorepo configuration, tests and much more. Inside the example Microservice you'll find an example flow, from API to DB. Based on this, you can modify the entity and DB fields and build you app.

90 seconds video

How to get started

To get up to speed quickly, read our getting started guide.